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Re: [IP] Re:feeling really dumb about low sugars...

email @ redacted wrote:

> but it seems that my brain goes dead and nothing logical occurs to me at that point.  

> but i really just wondered if i'm the only one who has these difficulties.

As I understand it, the ability to "think clearly" goes as bgs drop.  In
the section on hypo unawareness, Pumping Insulin says "They are unable
to recognize they are having a low blood sugar and cannot think clearly
enough to correct it".  I have hypo unawareness and test bgs 10+ times a
day <sigh>.  It is so frustrating to feel okay or just a little wierd
and test bgs and be low.  I try rather hard to avoid hypos and have a
100-130 target range to provide a bit of a safety cushion but I still
have hypos sometimes.  I want continuous monitor with a hypo alarm.

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