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A1c target was Re: [IP] Detroit area pumpers?

Rudolph wrote:

> What HG A1C level is the best target for me to reach?

My personal target is the lowest I can get with only occasional hypos. 
The lab "normal" range can very from lab to lab and I think there is a
variation in the rate at which "glycation" occurs.   My A1cs are
consistently lower than they should be.  With 10+ bgs a day (I have hypo
unawareness), I know my bgs are above normal and my A1cs for over a year
have been in the normal range, the last on the low end of normal.  In
November I asked the Nurse Practitioner if my low hematocrit
could affect my A1c and the discussion we had gave me the impression
that there are things doctor's don't know about what affects A1c.

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