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Hi Liz,     Its C J from the list,   Glad to see that you are giving
Silhouettes's a try,   I wish the CDE'S would have their Patients try all
the sets available to them so they can experience the different methods of
inserting them and the ways they control their BG'S differently.   I started
Pumping using only soft-sets and then got to try a few soft-set Micro's that
mini-med sent me that I had Requested from them.   About two months after my
pump start I decieded to give the silhouette's a try, and am I glad I did ,
I now its hard getting use to using them , because that needle looks so long
when you first start and you have to insert them by hand,    But you get
over that Quick.    I actually seen alot better control using sils . But as
always  YMMV     I hope you have a good experience with them.  Please write
me and let me know what you think of them.  C J Jutras   Lewiston, Maine
The Cooooooold State

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