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[IP] what??????!!!-LONG

I just went through the same thing but I was admitted to the
hospital...and I think they want to disconnect because that is the only
way the medical staff feels in control.  For me, it was that NO ONE
understood how the pump worked and this scares people when they are
supposedly the experts...

Thank goodness I had my LETTER TO EMERGENCY PERSONNEL.  (If you want a
copy of this letter, I will email it to you.)  A doctor would read this
and go, "Oh, that makes sense."  I also gave this to my doctor so he
could instruct others to leave the pump alone.  I did show them how to
disconnect the pump, to put them at ease, if my sugars went to zero. 
(That happened once with Pheochromocytoma, an adrenal tumor.)  

I was in the hospital for a week and my diagnosis was a virus...a bad

???  Why is
> this the first response? I told him point blank, that i would NOT take off
> the pump. And that his numbers were in range, so if i give inuslin he'd
> crash.By 1:00PM  Keytones LARGE and starting to
> dehydrate.........hmmmmm, ........jeez what could this be?

> Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

The thing for me was that I had my bg under control, but the ketones
would not leave my body.  This is with a continuous flow of saline with
Dextrose and food which I promptly threw up.  Very frustating.

MD's tend to strike a nerve with me because their opinion seems to be
the ONLY opinion...this is what I call a SEEMING.  It truly seems that
one's opinion is TRUTH and that there is no room to see any other
option.  Okay, enough.

I can totally relate.

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