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Re: [IP] Detroit area pumpers?

Chris:  Interesting that you can go 5 days before changing sites.
Though I had some hypertrophy in part of my stomach, even when infusing
in a good place, I seem to not be able to go much past 3 days.  This is
also the limit the Minimed trainer told me to use.  Not itching or
anything, just the insulin effectiveness seems to drop off
significantly, like 15-20% more insulin needed if I go 4 days.  Maybe
this isn't a site issue after all and is something else?  I use
humalog.  Any thoughts?  Could the insulin just be getting too warm over
time or something?  I usually keep my pump in my pants pocket all the
time or shorts pocket while sleeping.  I thread the tube through a
little buttonhole inside the pocket so no one even knows I have a pump
while I'm at work...

- Paul Rudolph

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