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Re: [IP] what??????!!!-LONG

Sorry to hear that Matt has got this rotten flu. I have been sick with it 
for a week and today I am just getting back to normal. I communicate with my 
pump doctor by e-mail often. When I was having a hard time keeping fluids in 
I was worried about getting dehydrated too. I also wasn't sure if I should 
change my basal rate. My doc is a great supporter of pumps and has a lot of 
experience with them. This is what he e-mailed me about my concerns: "The 
basal rate alone will rarely give hypoglycemia. You usually become more 
insulin resistant as you become dehydrated by illness. It is very important 
not to get dehydrated, if you can't drink and if you start to show ketones 
in urine you need to go to the emergency room as you will likely need IV 
I think the important thing here is to keep pushing the fluids. I started 
getting up a few times at night to check my sugars and made sure that I 
tried to drink something. Just thought this info. might help you understand 
what is going on with Matt's illness. I do not mean for it to replace 
anything your doc is saying, I am just sharing it because I thought it might 
help.Sounds like you are doing all the right things!!
Hang in there! I hope Matt gets feeling better really soon.

>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] what??????!!!-LONG
>Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 21:20:06 EST
>Matt has been sick, with a fever since Wed night.
By 1:00PM  Keytones LARGE and starting to
>dehydrate.........hmmmmm, pediatrician said, Matt was close to having to go 
>to hospital, and i don't
>want that.
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