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RE: [IP] Re:feeling really dumb about low sugars...

Janine, I have problems with not having symptoms for hypoglycemia too.  It 
was a little worse before I went on the pump (once I hit 20 before I tested 
and still didn't feel anything), and I was hoping that I'd start having 
symptoms when I started pumping.  I did, but there are still times when I'll 
test and be 40 and not have felt anything, will just have tested because I 
want to eat a meal or something.  It is kind of scary.  Most of my friends 
have known me long enough that they know some of the symptoms before I do, 
but I feel the same way you do--my brain just stops working normally and it 
doesn't occur to me to test.  Sometimes I've tested and found that I was 40 
or 50 and then gone to do something else before I eat something.  It's just 
my brain being weird.  I've had a lot fewer severe reactions (which for me is 
below 40) since going on the pump, so hopefully I'm on the upswing from 
there.  You're definitely not alone!

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