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[IP] Re: pump woos

Michael Weiss wrote:


> . Our son's skin is
> always irritated and the cream helps.
> Good luck and keep in touch
> Mike

Thanks for the advice on the cream.  I'll keep an eye on this and if there's
a pattern, I'll try it.  Your words on bubbles are very relevant.  Once
Nathaniel noticed a big air bubble, it took 7 U to get it out!  Haven't seen
another like it since.  About the exercise today.  I went with a hunch, and
I was right.  I didn't give him the 5.5 to cover the HBS like I should have,
instead I went with 3.  Sure enough, at the mall he was low- 66!  Like I
knew, exercise does inconsistant things to Nathaniel!  Thanks again.Kathleen

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