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[IP] what??????!!!-LONG

Matt has been sick, with a fever since Wed night. All has been in control, no 
keytones, numbers in range. Strange, usually numbers rise i know, but last 
night fever spiked to 103.5 and he had moderate keytones. Called 
pediatrician, and then endo, and the first thing he says to do is take off 
the pump and give humalog via injection every 2 hours!  WHAT???????  Why is 
this the first response? I told him point blank, that i would NOT take off 
the pump. And that his numbers were in range, so if i give inuslin he'd 
crash. So we agreed to "flush" with liquids and check for keytones every 
2hrs. Did, and keytones were gone by 4am and stayed away all morning. 10:30 
no keytones, no fever.  By 1:00PM  Keytones LARGE and starting to 
dehydrate.........hmmmmm, strep test negative, that's good, but this is one 
long virus then, i hope it breaks soon. So i call endo again, and he insists 
on giving him 2 units H every 2 hrs with 12OZ of carb containing liquids. Ok 
i agree with the concept of giving extra insulin, and because of possible 
crash, cover with carbs, but 12oz? I followed his directions, and Matt went 
instantly to 301 and i've been correcting since....keytones are gone though 
so the insulin plus lots and lots of sugarfree fluids did the trick, thank 
goodness. Tonight will be another every 2 hour check night though, because 
pediatrician said, Matt was close to having to go to hospital, and i don't 
want that. He still is fighting a fever.........jeez what could this be? 
Going crazy here in NJ and stressed to the max, exhausted on top of it, and 
very defensive too! Why do they always want to take the pump???????  

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