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RE: [IP] Re:feeling really dumb about low sugars...

I have the same problem, or did before I started pumping. On MDI I have
dropped as low as 35 and had absolutely no symptoms at all. None. My brain
goes dead too. When I test before I drive and my sugar is just a little low
I always eat glucose tabs to bring it back up. If I test and it is 40 I just
get in the car and drive! Idiotic. Fortunately, since I've been pumping I
haven't had any readings nearly that low.


> last night, at 2:00 am, my sugar was 40, but i didn't know. i have no
> symptoms, no sweating or slurred speech or anything.

> test my sugar.  but it seems that my brain goes dead and
> nothing logical
> occurs to me at that point.

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