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Subject: Re: [IP] Kevins lows

Hi Darlene,
Sounds like a little less insulin in the basal from 11 pm till 1 or 2 am
would probably help Kap not have to worry about those middle of the night
lows.  Jenna's basal rates drop at 11 am till 3 am.  I don't worry about
70's during the day, but I do treat them if they're at night.  She had a
diabetic friend over one night who had a hypo seizure - don't want to ever
live through that again if I don't have to.  You might have to use a little
more insulin during the dawn hours, if he doesn't start out as low, but
we're all aiming for steady sugars, aren't we?

Nancy Morgan

<<Kap's endo said bgs would start to rise after the 2am.
Kap's endo wasnt worried about #s in the 70s for him at 2 am.  As long as he
isnt going any lower and is waking up w/in range 70-120.
BTW, if I treat Kap for a low of 65 at 1 am or 2am - -2 oz of Juice he will
be in the 150s the next morning - 4ox and he is 190s.>>

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