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Subject: [IP] I am going to SCREAM....Overinsulinated?...(long)

I think a lot of this overinsulinated stuff comes from some current research
regarding the effect of chronically high insulin levels, mostly in
insulin-resistant diabetics, on the lining of arteries, which seems to lead
to an increased rate of cardiovascular disease, even if the person has
pretty decent blood sugar levels.  The researchers are still trying to
figure out why dropping the A-1-C doesn't improve cardiovascular risk as
much as it does for microvascular (eye, kidney, leg) risk.  So, current
thinking is, for insulin - resistant diabetics (note I don't say type 2's,
'cause there are insulin-resistant type 1's out there, too), you'll improve
the cardiovascular risk if you tackle the insulin resistance, and not need
so much insulin in the blood all the time.  The research shows that Type 2's
often times have markedly elevated insulin levels for years before they're
actually diagnosed, and that their arteries already misbehave like a
diagnosed diabetics, just from the elevated insulin levels.  And those
insulin levels tend to be elevated 24/7, not just after heavy meals or

For a insulin-deficient person on a pump (note again, I didn't say type 1 or
type 2, since there are insulin deficient type 2's), who has a "normal"
basal rate of insulin, 3 hours of higher insulin levels from a bolus for a
cookie is a different kettle of fish than these chronically elevated levels
that the research is talking about.  So, let that girl have her cookies in

Unfortunately, a recent article in Diabetes Care shows that even young Type
1's with good control have different function (read: abnormal) of the cells
of the arteries than non-diabetic kids.  But, I don't think they're ready to
say it's from boluses of insulin - unfortunately, this *#$@% disease just
takes its toll on arteries even with the best of care.  That's why we need a

Nancy Morgan (who's focused on a cure, 'cause we're raising money for our
JDF walk right now, and we're up to $1300 - yeah for our friends!)

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