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Re: [IP] Kevins lows

In a message dated 2/12/00 1:20:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< Kevin is not having 2am lows, he's having 2PM lows. We know it is from his 
 bolus, and have gone from 12:1 at meals to 15:1 and are still getting them.  
 Just 2 months ago, he had a small puggy stomach, now...not a inch to pinch! 
 think part of it is from the Adderall >>
Sorry, my mistake.
Kap also takes Adderall, and on the days he takes the medication he has to 
change his insulin ratio/doages.  Therefore he will bolus 1 per 100 above 150 
to bring down highs at noon and use 1 per 30 carbs to cover his lunch.  
When he does NOT take adderall - weekends or doc visits he has to go back to 
1 unit for every 50 above 150 and 1 unit per 12-15 carbs.
Also, I used to think it was adderall taking the desire for food away, but we 
have seen the tread of it being lows that decrease his desire for food and 
not the adderall.
Kap eats great - providing there wasnt a low before lunch - great meaning at 
least 1/2 of his plate verses nothing ate when he had a low at anytime before 
Of course, Kevin's MMV.
Hope this helps.
Darlene Mom to Kap - pumper - age 9
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