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[IP] Lots of Questions

> I just got done reading two books I ordered from
> Mini-Med, Teens Pumping It Up and The Insulin Pump
> Therapy Book.  I have a few questions, if anyone has 
> the answers!  
> 1.  How much pre-pumping ed do I need to have? 

If you are a college student then the answer relative to the way you 
learn now is -- not much. If you've read Pumping Insulin, you 
probably know about 110% of what you need except for the day to day 
things that come up unexpectedly.

My 11 year old managed it with just a reading of Pumping Insulin and
help from dad (this was 5+ years ago).

If you don't have Pumping Insulin, you can get it from amazon at this 


> 2.  Do most people use the short-fill method (160 units) or the full
> -syringe one (300 units)?
Depends on how much insulin you use. Type 1 younger people tend to 
use more since they are still growing + a lot of other things 
changing. My teen uses over 250 units every 3 - 4 days. Once in a 
very great while she will run out, but only a few times in 5 years.

> 3.  What exactly is a "luer neck"?  

Leur Lock = the fitting at the bottom of the syringe where you screw 
on the needle or infusion line.

> 4.  It also says to check at midnight and 3 AM, but I don't even go
> to bed until between midnight and 2AM most nights.  (College life
> <vbg>).  Should I change the times to check or just leave them?  

The time to check is about 3  hours into your sleep period based on 
experience with one adolsecent girl. Her body will hang on for dear 
life and not get below 30 or so in the first 3 hours. If awakened in 
that state, she may need enough glucose to raise her bg's 200 points 
or more just to "really" raise them to 100... hate to think what 
would happen in another hour. Anyway -- after fasting and sleeping 
several hours, you should be fairly stable and able adjust bg's and 
sleep without any major change in bg level. But..... YMMV...

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