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Re: [IP] I am going to SCREAM....Overinsulinated?...(long)

At 11:51 AM 02/12/2000 , you wrote:
>Venting......and wondering...
>Hats off to all those educated medical professionals but I am getting
>just a LITTLE aggravated by some well meaning ' medical professionals'
>who are scaring my 80 yr old mother to death!
>Any and all input would be WELCOMED!
>Barb.....Erica's mom :-)

RN's are taught enough about diabetes in nursing school to be able to 
follow doctor's orders.  They are not taught to diagnose or treat for that 
matter.  CDE's on the other hand have been given that specialized training, 
to be able to offer help in regulating insulin dosages.

Our ped endo gave us one piece of information regarding our child and any 
other diabetic in our family.....never leave them alone while in the 
hospital, and ALWAYS question medications and the amounts that the nurse is 
trying to administer.  They are supposed to be following doctors orders, 
but they do make mistakes.

Our ped endo's nurse who is now in training to be a CDE happened to be one 
of the RN's in the hospital when Anthony was diagnosed 4 1/2 years 
ago.  Her training in diabetes is what she received in nursing school.  She 
said if she had heard the statement our endo made prior to working with her 
in the diabetes clinic she would have been insulted, as she felt her 
training had made her knowledgeable about children with diabetes, and 
diabetes in general.  A year and half later she agrees with our 
doctor.  She now realizes how much she didn't know or was taught about the 
disease in nursing school or while working in the hospital.

I also have come across this same problem with working with our school 
nurse and district nursing personnel.  It has been a long struggle just to 
educate them in the current practices, and that the doctor and parents do 
know what's best for their child.

I'm not trying to knock any nurses we have on this list....if you're here, 
I'm sure you're better educated in diabetes then the average nurse or other 
medical professional most of us deal with.

mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95....pumping this Thursday!

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