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[IP] Detroit area pumpers?

Hello all.  I just joined this thread a few days ago.  I'm enjoying all
the information here.  I'm 30 years old and been type 1 for 21 years.  I
am a engineer and live in metro Detroit.  I've been pumping 3 months now
and went from a 7.9 HG A1C to a 6.8 after only the first month and a
half on the 508.  I'm usually running 100-150 mg/dl blood sugar levels
now and doing better all the time.  The pump is going to save my life.
The neuropathy I had in my toes over the last two years is already GONE
with the pump.  I have tremendous energy now and feel great (like I felt
10 years ago)!

A few things I learned over the first few months for the new pumpers:
(1.)  Watch air bubbles in the tubing!  You can get real high blood
sugar levels very fast if you have a 2 or 3 inch long air bubble!  (2.)
The basil rate RULES!  Spend time skipping meals at different times of
the day and monitor the blood sugars over a 4-6 hour period to tell you
if the basil rate is good or not.  I made a 0.1 unit/hour change to mine
and everything improved tremendously.  (3)  Figure out exactly how much
1 carb raises your blood sugar by fasting, testing, eating 1 carb, then
testing again in 3 to 4 hours.  For me, I know 1 carb = 80 mg/dl.  Also
find out how much 1 unit lowers your blood sugar by the same approach.
Fast, Test, Take 1 unit (make sure you are at a high enough blood sugar
level before doing this of course), and test again 3-4 hours later (I'm
on humalog).  I know 1 unit = 50 mg/dl of blood sugar drop in 4 hours.
(3.)  Hypertrophy (thick, tightened fatty areas) must be avoided as an
infusion site.  I noticed very different absorption levels when I used
an area on my stomach that had a small bit of hypertrophy.  Insulin
absorbs much better in "normal" fatty areas.  (4).  Don't go 4 days
before changing the infusion site.  I tried to push the 3 day advice
limit to save on supplies and noticed the insulin didn't work at the
same rate the 4th day as it did the 2nd or 3rd day.  The effectiveness
went down.  So 3 days is good advice for changing sites.  3.5 days maybe
if you like to live dangerously.

I have a few questions for the thread:  What HG A1C level is the best
target for me to reach?  Too low a HG A1C indicates low blood sugars
much more often, which is very bad.  So what do most people try to get
to?  I'm probably around 6.0 now but haven't tested it for 2 months.  My
endo didn't establish a target range for me or a target HG A1C (probably
because I was in the 300-400 range most of the last year in bad shape,
swinging wildly).

One other question I have is:  Are there any other gen x pumpers living
in metro-detroit who would like to talk?  I am single and don't know
anyone else around here with a pump (and few other type 1 diabetics in
general) and thought it might be nice to talk with some others.  Send me
an email at email @ redacted if you'd like to.  Thanks all.

- Paul Rudolph

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