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[IP] Re: Trying Hook up again

Hi Wendy,
Wow Iam sorry you had such a time with your hook-up. I hope we dont go 
through that but I am ready for anything these days.I will be taking my 
Pumping Insulin book as well and I will do it myself if I have to.I gave the 
doctor Ryans blood sugar book and he was to call another doctor that works 
with pumps and get help with basals. I have it figured at about .9 so we 
will see what the doc says. I hope he called someone but wont be shocked if 
he didnt.I have learned quite quickly over the years how to tell the doctors 
what I want. This is due to many many troubles with them. I even had to 
fight to get Ryan a diabetes test because the doctor said he was not 
diabetic but I was sure and insisted and sure enough he was. Anyway I had 
better not get started on the doctor trouble as I have many things. So thank 
you for your advice and warning and I shall be prepared.
Lori  (mom to Ryan)
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