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Re: [IP] Advice about set change

<< My question is, is it okay to change the
set right before bed.  I was told not to, so what do I do when Nathaniel
complains of irritation?  >>


Here's what I would do: Change the set at bedtime, and follow the set
change with a small snack so that you get a bolus to help clear tissue away
from the end of the cannula. (The times I've changed a set without
following it with a bolus have been the times that I have higher bg's
afterwards.) Set your alarm for 2 hours later and check his bg. That way,
you'll know if the set is / is not working in time to either get a good
night's sleep, or catch a problem before it becomes severe. An
uncomfortable / pink, irritated site is a sign of a problem, and shouldn't
be put off.

If he is having frequent problems with an irritated site, you might
consider a change in insulin. If he is pumping straight Humalog now, you
might consider adding a small amount of Velosulin. Many pumpers have found
that sites stay active longer with this method. You can search the IP
website archives for MANY posts on mixing insulin.

Mary Jean
pumping for 3+ years
currently using a 4:1 mix

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