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[IP] Re:feeling really dumb about low sugars...

i wonder if anyone goes thru what i go thru when my sugars are low? 
i've had diabetes for 30 years and cannot tell at all when my sugar goes low. 
 it's embarrassing b/c no one else knows either. they just think i'm being 
emotional or something.
last night, at 2:00 am, my sugar was 40, but i didn't know. i have no 
symptoms, no sweating or slurred speech or anything.  i called an ex and was 
sobbing and really upset about how hard my life is and how dating really 
sucks, etc.  i was so depressed all of a sudden, and really moody. it wasn't 
until he asked what made this night different than the rest that it occurred 
to me to test my sugar.  i was terrified to see it was 40 and that i had no 
does anyone else experience things like this?  i really feel that people 
don't understand; my dad asked why, when i'm moody, i don't just immediately 
test my sugar.  but it seems that my brain goes dead and nothing logical 
occurs to me at that point.  he doesn't understand what i mean by that.
i'll call my CDE about adjusting overnight basal rates, but i really just 
wondered if i'm the only one who has these difficulties.  i scare others off, 
(my ex thinks i'm psycho now...) and i scare myself quite a bit.
email @ redacted (janine)

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