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[IP] RE: I am going to scream...

   I have a suspicion that I'm going to share. I think maybe the problem
isn't the nurse and ex-nurse (regardless of whether they expressed
disapproval over the Oreo cookies). I think the problem is your mom.
   Is this possibly your mom's way of challenging your competence to mother
your own child? Like she sees herself as the pro and you as an amateur who
will probably do your child damage? It seems like a possibility. My mom
still doesn't think that my siblings and I  are cable of properly caring for
ourselves and we're in our 30s and 40s.
    The reason I'm wondering is cause your mom twice brought up the subject
of  your daughter, the oreos and the pump to these nurses who have never
laid eyes on you, your kid, nor the pump. Then she attaches more credence to
what they have to say about it than what you, your child's doctor and your
day to day experience show and say. I suspect she knows how to push your
buttons.  I know she's 80  but 80 doesn't necessarily mean incapable of
trying to get things to go her way.
    Even though she may think you  are putting your daughter in danger, you
know you are not. I think if you can just show confidence in your decision
and not express concern over what the uninformed nurses said (or who knows,
were misquoted as saying or had their words taken out of context) that could
gradually ease her fears. Or, take the wind out of the sails if she had been
trying to control rudder on your life.

I do wish you the best with your daughter and your mom.


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