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[IP] Advice about set change

My son, Nathaniel (age 12) has been pumping for one month now and things
are going good.  Except for right now.  He just went for a run/bike
ride, BG was 170 before the exercise.  Just returned and his BG is 417!
I am very frustrated about what exercise does to his numbers!
I do have a question if anyone can offer some advice. Two nights ago, at
10pm, Nathaniel complained that his site was bothering him.  Since he
was due for a change the next am, I told him to just wait.  Yesterday
morning, when he pulled out the set, it was pinker than normal, than
last night it looked pretty nasty.  This morning it is much better, I
expect it to heal just fine.  My question is, is it okay to change the
set right before bed.  I was told not to, so what do I do when Nathaniel
complains of irritation?  Should I make him put up with a little
irritation, or have him change any time he complains?
Thanks for any advice I can get.
Kathleen, mom of new pumper!

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