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[IP] bedtime snacks

Subject: [IP] bedtime snacks


I find that if I don't bolus when I have a bed time snack even after a low I
will wake up in the morning on the high side. So I do bolus with a snack.
Peanut butter and crackers does make me high without bolusing.


<My Dr and I are trying out a new basal at night for me because I keep
having 2am lows.  Last night at 2 am it was 54 so I had 2 glucose tabs.
Waited about  15 minutes then had 15 CHO (crackers with Peanut Butter)  Well
at 8am my sugar
was 291. I didnt eat alot and bolused accordingly for my ratio. I think
I bottomed out again??! My Dr. disagrees with that. Its 11:30 pm and my
is low ( too much bolus for dinner) If anyone eats a snack before bed if you
are low  do you bolus or not? I am just trying to get other peoples
experience even though YMMV it might help me!! Thanks in advance!
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