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[IP] Overinsulinated

Hi, Barb,

Overinsulinated means literally, someone who is receiving too much

What usually happens is that a person overtreats highs AND lows, and
gets into an increasingly violent rollercoaster.

And gains a lot of weight, too.

In the past, medical professionals worried GREATLY about weight gain in
Type 1's because it would increase insulin requirements, and possibly
lead to that kind of rollercoaster. This was also mixed in with
confusion about the role of weight in causing diabetes and
complications. Needless to say, we know more than that now!

As long as Erica's BGs are in a good place, I wouldn't worry too much
about it!

 I think the bigger problem is making it clear to your mother that you
are treating Erica's diabetes correctly -- maybe tell her you're
following doctor's orders explicitly and trust your doc more than any
nurse who doesn't know Erica -- no medical professional should make a
diagnosis without examining the patient directly, so neither of those
nurses had any business telling your mother ANYTHING!!!! 

Good luck!

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