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Re: [IP] florida travel advice


We live in Casselberry.  Despite the fact that I subscribed to the ng, I
am not yet on the pump and frankly don't feel it is for me.

There are some wonderful people on this ng and I am learning all sorts
of things, so I continue to read it and occasionally post.
I used to enjoy misc.health.diabetes, but some  of the posters get very

How long have you been diabetic?  I see Dr. William Hall and have for
several years.  I really like him, and he suggested a few weeks ago that
being on the pump might help me with constant hypos.  Of course, they
have slowed down considerably since then.  Everytime I see him, they get
better for a while.  I'll probably think about the pump more when they
get frequent again.  (Note I said When, not if)  <g>

Nice hearing from you.

T1 - 47 yrs

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