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[IP] A1C's and Basal Question

Well glad everyone's A1C's look so good.  Steve, I am envious of your Allie's 
A1C reading post pump.  My Allie's was quite the opposite.  She went from a 
8.0 on Nov. 3rd to a 8.6 on Feb. 3.  We started pumping insulin on Dec. 22.  
However, I fully expected this.  Since mid Oct. her bs have been out of 
control, continuing for the first month on the pump. (our dr. was very 
conservative from the start).  Prior to Nov.  Her A1c's had been between 6.8 
and 7.2.  For the past 2-3 weeks we have gotten a handle on things, or should 
I say that wonderful piece of equipment has, and I can't wait to see her next 
one in May.  Keep up the good work everyone!

Oh yeah, a quick question.  Allie has been in the 200 - 300 range at about 
5-6 am for the past week, however when she gets up and going about 9, she is 
in the 80-120 range.  Help, what should I do?  Right now she is taking .3 
from 12-4am; .6 from 4-12; .8 for 12 - 5pm and .6 from 5 - 12 midnight.  I 
figure she is taking not enough earlier and too much later. Make sense?  Let 
me know any suggestions!

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