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Re: [IP] And now the continuing saga...

	> Maureen Reagan wrote:
> > ***If*** the 12 year old is mature and responsible enough, and has been
> > > taught how to do basics of care for Caitlyn, I can not understand why this
> > > would be an issue either. 

	The 12 year did not know how to take care of her.  She only knew how to
do BG testing.  She did not know how to treat a low, carb count, give
insulin shots, or how to give a glucagon shot.  Caitlyn had lows that
the 12 year old didn't treat.  She had been told about the BG testing,
and what to do about lows, but never did what she was supposed to.  
	CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES stated that it was dangerous for a child that
young to be taking care of a child as young as my daughter that had
diabetes.  If he had continued to leave her alone with the 12 year old,
CPS would have removed my daughter from his home.  Its their rule, and I
agree with it 100%.  
	Yes, there are 12 year olds that are VERY responsible, but this was not
the case in this instance.  He doctor agreed, her diabetes team agreed,
and more importantly Child Protective Services in TWO different
California counties agreed.  That is why visitation was altered. 
Besides, visitation should be such that the non-custodial parent should
be actually able to VISIT with the child.  He was only with her in the
evenings.  She was spending entire days under the care of a child that
didn't know what she was doing.  It might have been different if the 12
year old had diabetes herself, because then she would know how to deal
with everything.  Again, this was not the case here.
	Now she gets to spend time with her dad where she gets him all to
herself.  I think she is spending more quality time with him now, then
before.  He is always there, and knows how to take very good care of
her!  Thank you for your thoughts, though.

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, turns five 1 week from tomorrow
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