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Re: [IP] I am going to SCREAM....Overinsulinated?...(long)

In a message dated 2/12/00 10:17:26 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Mom's friend,
 a retired nurse, was aghast that we had given Erica COOKIES!  Egad!!
 Mom tried to explain to her that it was okay because she was on the
 pump, and all Erica had to to was take insulin to take care of the
 cookies.  BUT, the retired nurse explained.......ERICA WILL


The way I explain it to people who panic because I'm eating sugar is to say: 
"All foods turn to sugar in your body. When you eat, your body automatically 
produces insulin to handle the excess sugar. I do the same thing 

In other words, when a person who does *not* have DM eats cookies, their 
bodies produce extra insulin. Your Erica is doing the same thing -- but she 
does it by pressing some buttons.

Do these nurses run up to non-DM-ers who shove a cookie in their mouths and 
telling them hysterically that they're overinsulinating themselves? I didn't 
think so. <g>

The standards changed in 1995. That wasn't very long ago, even for relatively 
young medical folks. Furthermore, most nurses are generalists. They don't 
understand the ins and outs of diabetes unless they specialize it in. Even 
the ones who did, may not have kept up with changes. Or they may have their 
own opinions. 

Your mom sounds like a wonderful, loving and caring grandmother. She'll calm 
down once she gets some more knowledge under her belt. :-)

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