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[IP] Re: Need help figuring out safe bg range

I've been pumping for about 2 months and recently had a consult with a new 
CDE because I heard she had a lot of patients and much experience. She was 
very concerned with by many low bg's, which is one of the reasons I started 
pumping. She feels that pp bg of 150-180 is ok. I've always been more 
comfortable with 110-130. Also, she feels its ok at bedtime to be 130-180. 
Suggests I bolus for a snack at 130 - I usually figure that 130 is a good # 
to have w/o snack, and expect if basals are correct, it should stay at a 
reasonable # thru the nite. I'm getting the message that I am being 
unrealistic and my goals for bg's have been way too low and not backed by 
sound practice, or other Type I who strive for tight control. I do have many 
lows thru the day, but check myself about 12-15 times, so I don't get into 
trouble where I need help. Any ideas would really be appreciated. Please 
email me, or if you think it is of generally interest, i do read the digest 
every day.  Thanks Brynn at email @ redacted 
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