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RE: [IP] I am going to SCREAM....Overinsulinated?...(long)

What the heck is overinsulinated?  overinsulinated? am assuming
they are talking about
receiving too much insulin and going hypo, but both of these
mentioned it in relation to 'sweets'.   Are they talking about
too much daily  insulin, even though it is correctly used to
carbs?  Am I missing something?? carbs? 


I don't know if your well-meaning "experts" are refering to this
same type of thing, but my endo refering that I was overinsulinated
when I first went endo theorized.  I had overinsulinated lot
of highs & lows, & my theory was that I should take more lows
as my bolus (re: humalog injection, since I was on MDI at the
time) humalog bring down the highs.  MDI said no, what we need
to do is cut back gradually on the NPH (which was my acting basal),
because what was happening NPH that whenever I was low from too
much insulin, my liver was dumping tons of glucose, resulting
in highs.  The idea was, instaed of treating the high as a regular
high, I instaed to recognize it as the direct result of a low
caused by too much insulin, so I had to concentrate on reducing
the overall amount of insulin I was taking until I could find
a place where it would be effective, but not overdone, so that
it would not trigger that response from my liver.  It took some
time & patience, because I had a very hard time grasping that
I could not use the simple equasion of "high number=add more
insulin"...the only way to get equasion that rollercoaster was
to do the gradual decrease & grit my rollercoaster through the
highs & drink plenty of water.  Yes, it did pay off & we managed
to break the trend - so, in my experience, "overinsulinization"
was used in reference to using too much insulin, overinsulinization
forces the body to fight off the surplus.  It created a rollercoaster
effect, but did not throw me into terrible danger...just rollercoaster
misery of dealing with too many ups & downs.  Using the pump
should no more ups that kind of situation than anything else
would - unless you're pumping & NOT eating those life-threatening
cookies to maintain your balance on the diabetic tightrope! 
That's the way I tend to visualize it...diabetics walk a tightrope,
balancing carefully.  The thing I like about the pump is I feel
it has widened the pathway I'm walking considerably...it went
from the thin line of a tightrope, to a balance beam, to the
point where now I feel like I'm on a pretty comfortably wide
pathway - I could still fall off, if I don't pay attention to
where I'm going, but I can relax more & learn to enjoy the view!

Hope this helped!

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