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[IP] Re Insurance woes...kinda long

Oh Dawn, reading your letter just made me want to sit down and cry!  I went 
through a similar thing when I was trying to get pregnant 3 yrs. ago, and 
wanted to get on a pump.  My doctor, at the time, told me I didn't need a 
pump.  That was the last time I ever talked to him.  I spent months arguing 
with my insurance company.  I sent them a years worth of records, had three 
doctors and a dietitian recommend it for me, wrote letter after letter, 
begged pleaded and argued and then finally gave up, just what they wanted.  
If I had had a pump for even a short period of time, knowing how wonderful it 
is now, I never would have given up.  I admire your resolve and please don't 
give up.  Tell them that you don't keep your records for a life time that you 
didn't think that you were going to be audited and do they know what they ate 
for dinner three years ago?  Did you ever show your logs to a doctor?  You 
might be able to get them to write you a letter.  You might also explain that 
your previous insurance company didn't cover your diabetes and since costs 
are so high for diabetics you couldn't afford all the tests.  Remind them of 
the costs of complications.  Remind them that Medicare is covering insulin 
pumps now and that pumps are no longer experimental.  My prayers are with you 
and you're not alone, good luck.

Type I, 25yrs! Pumping since last December.
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