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[IP] I am going to SCREAM....Overinsulinated?...(long)

Hi Everybody,

Venting......and wondering...

Hats off to all those educated medical professionals but I am getting
just a LITTLE aggravated by some well meaning ' medical professionals'
who are scaring my 80 yr old mother to death!

It took a lot of talking, when Erica started pumping, to convince my
mom that "no, we are not killing her by letting her have Oreo cookies
with her lunch, or an ice  cream in the afternoon".  I tried to explain
to her about carb counting, &  pumping, and was actually making
headway.  She began to relax and is so happy about Erica's new
lifestyle.  Then came the panicked call a few months ago.  Mom's friend,
a retired nurse, was aghast that we had given Erica COOKIES!  Egad!!
Mom tried to explain to her that it was okay because she was on the
pump, and all Erica had to to was take insulin to take care of the
cookies.  BUT, the retired nurse explained.......ERICA WILL
panic, what were we doing to Erica!!??  I finally settled her down, told
her I was working with a great medical team, they were more than happy
with Erica's care, and they were the ones I turned to, not a 70 yr old
retired nurse who had never heard of Humalog and figured that the pump
was the size of an oil derrick.  Finally settled her down and convinced
her that I was at least as intelligent as her friend, and after 7.5 yrs
of dealing with diabetes 24/7, I figured I knew what I was doing. Her
friend was just a LITTLE out of touch with technology.

THEN, last week, Mom (who is not diabetic)  was in getting blood work
done, and while there, mentioned to the nurse about her granddaughter
being on a pump and how wonderful her life has become. "A pump?"  This
nurse had never HEARD OF IT!  Mom tried to explain how it worked, and
told her how great it was that a child could actually have cookies,
cake, ice cream, and candy.  The nurse was mortified. " BUT SHE COULD
OVERINSULINATE HERSELF!!"  she said.  This being a much younger,
currently practising nurse, mom again was all upset and I received a
phone call.  Again, I went through things with her, and finally in
frustration just said the nurse was obviously uneducated about what we
were dealing with....no to be honest, in frustration I said the nurse
was stupid and she had no right to scare mom like that.  Mom calmed down
a bit, but I know she is now nervous about Erica being OVERINSULINATED,
regardless of what I say.

What the heck is overinsulinated?  I am assuming they are talking about
receiving too much insulin and going hypo, but both of these people
mentioned it in relation to 'sweets'.   Are they talking about receiving
too much daily  insulin, even though it is correctly used to cover
carbs?  Am I missing something??   I have come to consider a carb a
carb.  Erica figures out the bolus accordingly and pushes that magic
button. In fact, her insulin use has increased considerably the past few
months because she is eating A LOT.  That is good to see because her
medical team had noticed a drop in her growth line a few months ago and
were a bit concerned. They basically said....Let Her Eat....and she has
:)  She has put some more weight on.  And no, it is not all cookies <g>

Any and all input would be WELCOMED!

Barb.....Erica's mom :-)

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