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Re: [IP] Insurance woes...kinda long


It sounds like you may need to contact someone at your insurance company that 
handles grievances and let them know about your situation.  I would tell them 
that you understand their need of documentation, HbA1c, etc. but 6 years of 
medical records?  Give me a break!!!  I think 3 mo. of b/s record may be 
excessive.  And HbA1c's only tell part of the story- you may have a 7 but it 
may be that from having a lot of insulin reactions which brings your average 
down (tell them that!)  Let them have every possible reason you can think of! 
 It sounds like they are just trying to run you ragged.  I would let them 
know you have the back up records to prove your need of a pump over MDI but 
that their requests are ridiculous!!

When I had trouble having my MiniMed 507 approved I forwarded my info. to 
MiniMed and someone in their insurance department took my info and wrote a 
letter to my ins company for me (I approved the info and signed the letter).  
They put all the facts together and stated my multiple reasons for pump 

I hope this helps a little.  Don't let them discourage you which is just what 
it sounds like they are trying to do.  Did they offer any "in network" pump 
suppliers?  Who handles their durable medical equipment for the company?  
That's who they should be able to get a pump from for you.

Good luck to you.  I hope things take a turn for the better for you soon.  
Keep trying every option possible and don't believe everything the insurance 
co. says is set in stone.  Many times I've had to fight for coverage-for my 
pump, extra strips, etc., and finally got it.  Take Care.


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