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[IP] Carmen-new pumper?

Carmen-relax!  Two questions-how long have you been diabetic?-How many shots are you on now?  I have had diabetes since I was six so I had  many (43) years of experience, but I have no doubt that you will adapt quickly.  Consult your doctors to estimate the basal rate.  You will have to change them as you go.  The proper basal rate is the most important setting of all.  The most important blood tests of all are before meals and 2 hours later(assuming you are using humalog).  Learn carbohydrate counting.  Testing at 2AM should be O.K.  It will help you check to see if your basal rate is right. Keep an accurate record of your bg's at the same time every day.  compare them to your caloric intake & exercise-the scientific method pays dividends in pumping.
PS-life has become so much easier since I started PUMPING!   Best wishes