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Re: [IP] Kevins lows

Pumping Insulin Book had a part in there that said - the lowest bgs occur 
around 2 am.
Kap's endo said the same thing, and she also said bgs would start to rise 
after the 2am.  
Is Kevin waking up with high bgs when he has gone low at 2am.  Just how low 
does he go?  
Kap's endo wasnt worried about #s in the 70s for him at 2 am.  As long as he 
isnt going any lower and is waking up w/in range 70-120.
Kevin's milage may vary in regards to the 2am being his lowest.  But Kap's is 
true to form on this point.  
Wow, I just realized he fell into a bell curve for once.
BTW, if I treat Kap for a low of 65 at 1 am or 2am - -2 oz of Juice he will 
be in the 150s the next morning - 4ox and he is 190s.
I find it very hard not to wake him up for juice / crackers when he is under 
80 at any point of a day or night.  Old habits are hard to break.
Living and Learning
Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping and eating
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