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[IP] Re: Trying hook up again

Hi all again.Yes we are still waiting to get hooked up to the pump. My son 
is to be admitted to the hospital on Feb.14 to get this done. We left our 
spare pump at the hospital so the doctor and CDE could play with it as they 
said they wanted to do so they would be ready on the 14th because when we 
went on the Feb.2 they said they were not ready.I called the CDE today to 
see how they made out with the pump and to no surprize they have not even 
looked at it. Well they had better not tell me on the 14th that they are not 
ready.I know they are scared as my son is the first to go on a pump where we 
live but then I think they should have been doing some reading or 
something.I guess that is why they said I had to stay in the hospital with 
him as they know I am ready for this. So please wish us luck that we come 
home next week with the pump on.
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