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No Subject

I just got done reading two books I ordered from
Mini-Med, Teens Pumping It Up and The Insulin Pump
Therapy Book.  I have a few questions, if anyone has
the answers! 
1.  How much pre-pumping ed do I need to have?  I am going
home from college for spring break and will have only one week
at home to get the pump.  I will be reading EVERYTHING I can
get my hands on before then, but should I be doing something with
a doctor down at college?  I will go for a follow-up appointment when
I get back to start monitoring with my doctor at college.
2.  Do most people use the short-fill method (160 units) or the
full -syringe one (300 units)?
3.  What exactly is a "luer neck"?  One book says it gets in the
way if you use the full-syringe method.  Is this true?
4.  It also says to check at midnight and 3 AM, but I don't even
go to bed until between midnight and 2AM most nights. 
(College life <vbg>).  Should I change the times to check or
just leave them? 
Sorry this is so long and early, but I want to be prepared as I will
have a week with my parents at home (Alaska) then back to
college in Minnesota and kind of on my own.  Thank you so much!