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[IP] Another A1C victory

	I have been on the Dis. pump since Jan 4th.  I had an A1C drawn that day
and the result was 7.3  Which I thought wasn't too bad having just come
through the holidays.  I saw my CDE today and had my first A1C done since
starting on the pump  and it was 6.8. Whoopeeeee!!!!!!! 
	I can't believe how well it came out in such a short time between tests. 
And on top of that I haven't seen an A1C that low without me being
pregnant. (My lowest ever was while pregnant the 3rd time it was 5.8.)  
	For anyone that is contemplating going on the pump because of all the work
that is involved with it I know exactly how you feel.  I put off the pump
for over a year because I didn't want to have to keep up with all of the
testing and supplies.  You might have called me "lazy diabetic #1".  I was
the one that you would see in the parking lot before appoinments making up
blood sugars so I would atleast have something to show the Dr.   I guess
I'm trying to say ,  DO PUT IT OFF!!!  It is so much worth the effort and
the time.  And look how fast the good results can come....A little over a
month for me.
	And one more thing, anyone that has taken the time to join this list and
sit there a read all these emails.......you definitly have time to do all
that is needed to takecare of yourself with a pump.  Not to mention the
support of 2000+ people.   : )
	I'm so happy about my A1C I think I may treat my self to a date with
"Little Debbie" and one of her Swiss cake rolls tonight. LOL : )

Sheila Morris
Pumping@ Ft.Bragg
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