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Re: [IP] Low blood sugar impairs diabetic drivers

Thanks for posting this report! I have printed a copy for my husband to take 
to work for a co-worker.
I have made a habit of always testing before I drive and am glad I have. 
There have been a few times when I have "felt" fine but was surprised to see 
that I was below 4 mmol/dl (72 mg/dl). When I have the responsibility of 
myself and 5 children often when I am driving this is crucial to check. I 
always have food in my purse or in the car for such occasions. Even if I am 
out shopping or at a mall, after a couple of hours I test just to be sure I 
am safe to be driving. If driving for more than an hour I will pull over and 
check as well.
My husband's co-worker is in the car business and is often on the road with 
low bgs. Maybe this article will encourage him to be more careful. He rarely 
checks his bg at work and never knows if a customer may bring in a car that 
he needs to take out for a test-drive. My hubby keeps a good eye on him and 
often suggest that he have a drink of regular cola when he notices the 
symptoms of a low bg.
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