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[IP] Abuse of mailing list

At 06:21 AM 2/11/2000  Leslie Bagwill wrote:
 >I got one of these messages too!  I just deleted it because it irritated me
 >as I did not sign up with insulin pumpers to receive spam.  I wonder how
 >many other people received it?

I have since heard from about 2-3 other people who have gotten that 
message. One basic rule is NEVER respond to SPAM... even if they have an 
option to take you off the list. Responding in any fashion will only get 
you onto more SPAM lists, because it verifies that your address is live. 
The best way is to either just delete the mail or complain, using places 
like Abuse Net (http://www.abuse.net/) or Spam Cop (http://spamcop.net).

Here is our official policy:
"This information is for the exclusive use of the membership of the 
Insulin-Pumpers mailing lists. It is provided specifically to facilitate 
communication between members of the lists and to assist them in obtaining 
help with diabetes related problems. Use of this information for any other 



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