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Re: [IP] Help! Basals/Pumping Lispro

In a message dated 2/10/00 10:14:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Lispro makes it more difficult to stabalize you basal rates if you 
>haven't gotten it straight yet. Regular insulin or Velosulin is more 
>predictible and should actually make it easier to establish basals. 

Michael and Linda, YMMV of course, but I find humalog much more stable than 
regular because of the tail of regular, which was a particular problem for me 
during the night.  Humalog is pretty much out of my system in 3-4 hours, and 
its peak effect has left me an hour or so before that.  The major 
unpredictability problem I have with it is if I exercise within an hour or so 
of a bolus, but I had that problem with regular at 2 separate, not very 
predictable peaks.  Perhaps Linda has similar problems that could be helped 
by going to humalog.

Linda Z
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