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RE: Subject: [IP] pumping and skiing

I take my boys, Tanner (8) and Cooper (6), skiing all the time.  They wear
their pumps clipped to the waists of their pants under their ski pants.  We
slip them out when they eat.  We are all loathe to go inside unless we have
to so we generally test on the lift.  Everyone keeps emergency rations with
them because getting separated is common.  The most important thing to do
when skiing is to establish the lift, lodge or parking lot that everyone is
targeting before beginning any run.  This is best established in the lift
line and repeated at the top.  There should be a fall back location in case,
after a long wait, no one arrives there.  This is true whether or not
diabetics are a part of your crowd.

The biggest problem we have had is freezing the displays of the glucometers.
Cooper's ski lessons are in the morning when actual temperatures are often
between -5 and +10.  The liquid in the liquid crystal displays will freeze
and destroy areas of the display making them hard to read.  The boys keep
all of their diabetes stuff in fanny packs and their coats can ride up and
expose the fanny packs.  I have sent back several glucometers and had them
replaced.  The solution is to put the glucometers into pockets in the fleece
jackets they wear over their shirts but under their ski pants.  The strips
and everything else can stay in the fanny pack or go into a parka pocket.

As I said previously, Cooper has his ski lessons on Tuesday morning at one
mountain, and Tanner has his lessons on Tuesday afternoon at another
mountain.  Cooper and I drive to Tanner's mountain at noon, eating lunch on
the way in the car and then continue skiing.  Tanner's mountain has night
skiing so, of course we have to close down the lifts.  This means Cooper is
skiing from 8:30AM until 8:45PM with a break for lunch and another for
dinner.  When we get home we put him on a 70% temporary basal for 24 hours.
It works out beautifully.  Tanner only needs 90% basal for about 20 hours.
Please take the exercise into account.  Skiing is so much fun, it is easy to
forget the effect it has on the metabolism.

Have a great time at Tahoe.

                 - Dan
                2/11/00 8:57:27 AM
Dan Richardson          email @ redacted
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