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[IP] Abuse of the Mailing list!!!!!

At 05:07 PM 2/10/2000  Richard D. Spector wrote:
 >Did anyone else get a message from  this company (BIG HEART .com)
being a
 >diabetic and helping others like us.  I hope someone isn't using this
list to
 >promote a business endeavor. I find it an evasion of my privacy when I
 >from people I don't know about private issues.  This is the only list
that I
 >belong to related to diabetes.  This is the sender's name an email
address if
 >anyone recognizes this person please tell them to stop:
email @ redacted
 >Francisca Orrego.

I have received several private emails from members of  the Insulin
Pumpers group who also stated they received the same advertisement.  I
am sure there more advertisements headed to other members as we speak.
I hope whomever sent the message has gotten this message DON'T SPAM THE

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