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Re: [IP] Help! Basals/Pumping Lispro

I would like to add one more thing here...as it really helped geneva when
she first went on pump (with Humalog)

instead of having an aggressive target goal of the usual 80-100 or 120...we
had 150 as a target.  this way ,  there were not any lows.  this with her
first day on pump at school being a 'field day'.  she spend about two-three
weeks with 150 as her target and gradually lowered it to 140,  130,  120
and now 100 for her wake up, and fasting level.

mom to almost 11 yr. old geneva

> > I just had a very disappointing visit with my new endo (2nd visit)
> > and need some advise.  I have been having a lot of trouble with lows
> > then consequently highs and trying to adjust my basal rate.  The
> > endo said I should try Lispro in my pump since it has a shorter
> > acting time span.

> Lispro makes it more difficult to stabalize you basal rates if you
> haven't gotten it straight yet.

>Humalog acts faster so you have to set the time
> for a new basal rate LATER than the equivalent time for regular
> insulin.

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