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Subject: [IP] Re: Update on newly pumping Gen (4 1/2 years old), and some travel advice, please!

Hi Paula,
We went to Disney last May with our 10 year old and her pump (and 12 year
old, too).  I expected to have to decrease basals for walking, but was
surprised that we did not.  There is a lot of standing in line, very little
exercise, then most of the rides are sitting also.  Now, if excitement
lowers her sugars, then hopefully, you'll have lots of that!  We packed
fanny packs with juice boxes and granola bars, but found that there was
abundant food everywhere we turned, so didn't really have to worry about
food much.  At Magic Kingdom, try real hard to eat lunch at Cinderella's
Castle - they have more food choices, and the characters are great.
Otherwise, it's mostly burgers and fries at Magic Kingdom.  At Epcot, the
food choices are wonderful at The Land building - cafeteria style.  We ate
at the Commisary at MGM, good food, a little different, burritos and such.

Unfortunately, unless Gen is tall for her age, she's going to be too short
:-( to ride Splash Mountain, which is the main one you get soaked on.  Oh,
and on the River ride at the New Animal Kingdom park.  The ziplock bag
should work fine on the River ride, you don't really get drenched.  We'd
gone on a similar ride at Busch Gardens (Tampa), and got absolutely,
unpleasantly DROWNED - the day was cool and it took forever to dry out -
they sell ponchos outside the ride, and I'd recommend using one if you
venture there.

There is a first aid station at each park where they'll let you keep
supplies (like insulin) cool if you need to, but honestly, we didn't - just
carried everything with us.  The people at Disney are so accomodating,
they'll help you with about anything that you need. Do remember all your
emergency supplies like ketone strips, an extra meter, extra pump batteries,
and, as you say, double of all your infusion sets and supplies.  Orlando is
pretty civilized, though, so if you forget anything, there'll be a pharmacy

Have a great time, it will all work out great.

Nancy Morgan

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