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Re: [IP] Ever heard of Fifth's Disease? HELP!

Most of what people have written about Fifth Disease (erythema 
infectiosum) is true, but I thought I'd clarify some of the 
inaccuracies.  First off it is called "fifth" disease - not "fifth's"  It is 
named so, not because it is the fifth most common virus (it's not 
even close to being as common as some of the more prevalent 
cold viruses), but because it was the 5th eruptive (meaning 
associated with rash) described.  The others are (1) scarlet fever 
(2) measles; (3) rubella; (4) Dukes disease; (6) roseola.  
Sometimes they are listed in a different order, but fifth disease is 
always the same (erythema infectiosum).  

It is caused by parvovirus B19 (not the same parvovirus that is 
extremely dangerous to dogs!).  The rash occurs in three stages.  
It is not usually associated with any other symptoms, but 
sometimes low grade temps.  Other symptoms are more common 
in older children and adults.  These include sore throat, runny nose 
and joint pain.  

Back to the rash:  It first appears on the face as the "slapped 
cheek" appearance.  Intense red.  Next, a less intense lacy red 
rash appears on the arms, face, thighs and buttocks.  Frequently 
the rash is itchy.  It can last from 2 - 39 days (with frequent 

In healthy children (including diabetics) there usually are no 
complications. Pregnant woman should report exposure to their 
OB, because there has been some reports (<10%) of premature 

As with any illness, diabetics may have increased insulin 
requirements during infection.  

Hand-foot-mouth disease is caused by the coxsackie virus.  It is 
not the same as fifth disease.  

Eric M. Goodman MSN CPNP

email @ redacted wrote:

> Jeanie, i know this is 2 days later, but i thought i'd reply. Matt's had
> fifth's disease before diagnosis. Not near diagnosis.  We were told it was
> also called hand/mouth/foot disease.  Does your daughter, or yourself have
> any small blister like rash on hands, or feet?  I don't think Matt had it too
> much longer than a week, but that was before diabetes, so i couldn't tell you
> how it effects blood sugar, hope this helps.

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