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[IP] re:continous glucose meter

Siles, what does PP mean?  Can you explain more fully what you were
doing beforehand and what you are doing now?  I'm trying to figure out
why 15 minutes makes so much difference.

(i.e., give more detailed blood glucose readings when you were on the
meter vs. now).

Also, how did you get involved in this study?



<orig message>
The results:
My Glucometer EliteXL and the CGM agreed perfectly about 60% of the
and only varied less than 10% the rest of the time.

When I bolused as I started to eat my BGs dropped rapidly (within a half

hour) to near hypo levels and my PP peaks were at three hours. It was
consistent. I was wasting a lot of my bolus.

Now, after consultation with Peggy, my nurse practitioner, I bolus about
to 15 minutes after I eat. BGs have dropped about 15-20 points, and
are much nearer to one hour. I have an A1c next month and we should see
change from the 6.7 last time.

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