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Re: [IP] Being a diabetic

Natalie wrote:

>>(My pet peeve: the myth that there is no such thing as a fat Type 1 OR a
thin Type 2)<<

I'm with you.  There are so many stereotypes for diabetes, and I weighed 70
pounds when I was 5 feet tall at 11 years old when I was dx'd.  And sure,
now at 48, I've put on a few pounds over the years, partly because on MDI I
had to chase my share of lows, and just plain partly because of age and
heredity.  I really loved when I saw a news program that said that genes and
heredity has nothing to do with being overweight, it was that we were lazy
and didn't do anything except stuff our faces all the time.  My husband
complains that I eat like a bird (in fact, he tells me a bird couldn't live
long on what I eat), and I know I'm a little lax on exercise, but everytime
I exercise, I have to chug cokes to keep going.  Ain't gonna lose any weight
that way!  Anyhow, I'm tired of everyone being lumped in one category, we
are all different, even us with the same disease, we are all different and
react differently to it.

Type 1 for 37 years

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