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[IP] My first nite with a pump

Ok all, for everyone who wanted to know how last night went, it was fine.
Rarely knew the guy was around.  I have a couple night gowns made out of a
sweatshirty type material, and they have pockets in the side seam.  Just
made a little hole in the seam of the pocket, slipped the tube through and
put my new buddy in the pocket.  Worked great, he stayed close and out of
trouble.  Today at work was fun, since I haven't adjusted any of my clothes
yet, I just let the tube run up out of the waistband of my slacks and
dropped the little guy in my pocket.  I wore a tunic type top, so he didn't
show at all.  The tubing was long enough so that when I used the restroom,
he just stayed where he was in my pocket.  Hey, I could live with this!

I want to thank everyone in the list for all the information and suggestions
over the last few months on living with a pump.  This information is great,
and if I meet any pumpers in real life, I will certainly recommend this site
to all of them.  :)

Type 1 for 37 years, can't wait to go live on a pump!  Woohoo!

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