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Re: [IP] Bedtime Snacks

1 month pumping - this is all I know so far.
Kap uses 1 unit to lower 100 point at or after bedtime 9pm.  But during the 
day, he uses 1 for 50 
He does high bgs bolus at breakfast, Noon, Dinner or at bedtime - 9pm 
With the 9pm high bgs - that is when he has to use 1 unit per 100.
- Both cases he has great bgs (80-120) 2 hrs later and/or upon waking.
Kap's day basel rate is .7 from 7 am to Noon
then Noon to  7am it is .6.
Dinner is about the only time he has to bolus for highs - usually due to:
Not counting carbs in gravy, sauces, condiments w/ school lunches. 
If he doesnt eat he stays w/in range (80-120), so his basel rates are correct 
according to endo.  I did figure out if he slept upstairs (cooler than 
downstairs) his bgs are better overall during the night and waking up ( 
80-120).  After all, he is not downstairs pouring sweat w/ warmer temps that 
I enjoy.  He was having highs during the night - until he started sleeping 
upstairs. (130-190) I thought w/ warm temps he should have been lower!
BTW - he has no problems w/ pizza (could it be that in NC we are being short 
change cheese.  Now, w/ Rice - that is a different story all together.  We 
have rice monsters not Pizza monsters.
Living and Learning my strange child - who is just like his mom!
Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping and loves the freedom to eat or not!

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