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[IP] Bedtime Snacks

Hi Leesa-
I have the same pesky basal problems at night.  Too low?  To high? It's a 
toughie.  I take 100% Humalog so I can figure it takes 2 1/2 hrs. to do it's 
thing - maybe a little longer. IF I know my night time basals are correct 
(and I have to check mine often via the basal protocol), I need to know 
exactly where I want my bedtime BG to be without worrying about insulin 
tails, or carbohydrate digestion.  Mine is 150 (I feel safe there at 
bedtime.)  Then depending on one's nighttime ratio of insulin/CHO I would 
bolus appropriately for any evening snack.  My evening ratios are much 
different than my morning ones and it took me a long time - dud!- to figure 
this out.

For me it was easier just to stop eating at around 8 p.m. so that I was 
pretty confident at bedtime that I wasn't going any lower.  I also had to 
check to see how much (and how fast) my evening BG rose for say, a 10 gm CHO 
snack.  Just check, check, check and call me in the morning- LOL  Good luck.

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